Tuesday, August 01, 2006
Singh protecting the tent of a Sant
Singh protecting the tent of a Sant
The Shaheed Singhs also stay with Gursikhs at all times. During the time of Sant Attar Singh jee, it was seen that a Singh riding a horse would circumambulate Sant jee’s tent. The tent was on the banks of the Jehlum, and the horse would go on the three sides which were faced by land, but also on the fourth side which was the river Jehlum. The rider would yell out a jaikara as well. When Sant jee was asked about this, he said that Shaheed Singhs do come and protect Gursikhs but those that can see this should not tell others.

Incident at the Sarovar
Many times I would spend the night in the veranda and I would hear the keertan of Asa Dee Vaar. Once, at 3:15, I was sitting in the veranda when I saw a being riding on a white lion come, bathe in the sarovar and then ride off again on the lion.



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