Friday, December 29, 2006
Nagar Kirtan_Sahibjadey Shaheedi_Dec 2006 Part 3
2 Charidkala Singh standing near Satguru Jee

Blue/White Bana

Sangat Jee

Bhai, Secretary of Gurdwara

Master Bhai Ranveer Singh Jee, the organiser.

Kids doing sewa

Captured the cable car that go to Ngong Ping 360, where a huge Budhia and Temple is located on the


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Thursday, December 28, 2006
Nagar Kirtan_Sahibjadey Shaheedi_Dec 2006 Part 2

Following photos was taken from my friends bike (now i notice it was quite dangerous..:). but i was full of enegry during the nagar and didn't notice any risk lol. Satguru Off to Station 2 in Tung Chung, photos as follows:

Khalsa army clearing the road for Satguru Jee

It was so windy with while we were crossing the Tsing Ma Bridge and capture Satguru Jee Car

My friends tyring to clear the road but since it was public holiday, so almost their were no traffic

Tsing Ma Bridge

High Speed narrow

Khalsa Jee...

Saw Master Jee standing while we were on the bike and the shot came out to be good.

Satguru Arrived Station 2

Saint Baba Ranjit Singh Jee arrived Station 2 too

Baba Jee doing kirtan/katha...

Miri Piri Tung Chung Students...All in charidakala spirit

Satguru Jee

Mahapursh doing kirtan


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Nagar Kirtan_Sahibjadey Shaheedi_Dec 2006 Part 1

Guru Fateh

On 25th Dec 06, with the Grace of Waheguru(GOD), we had nagar kirtan in hksar in respect to sahibjadey shaheedi. Saint Baba Ranjit Singh and Baba Ram Singh Jee of kar sewa and other ragi did kirtan/katha. We had stop at 2 stations. Station 1 was Tsing Yi and Station 2 was Tung Chung. Photos as follows:

Five Beloved ones and Khalsa Jee getting ready for Nagar Kirtan

Satguru Jee arrived and off to Nagar Kirtan

I was sitting in this mini bus along with other ragi. But later on I manage to get on a bike of my friend and take some cool pictures..:).

Satguru accompany with Khalsa to Station 1

Guru Jee,

Station 1 sign board

Arrived Station 1

Baba Ranjit Singh Jee Jatha arrived also...

Mahapursh, Ker sewa, Baba Jee (Middle) was with us thru out the Nagar Kirtan. We had been doing sangat with mahapursh for past 1 month, and one will automatically feel very close to God whenever we meet mahapursh. Baba jee will return to India shortly. and no wonder, we could hardly find true saints these days, is all about his kirpa and whether we have a "EYE" to see.

Khalsa waiting for 5 Beloved ones for saropa

This charidkala Singh duty was Bodyguard thru out the samagan.

Banners in Station 1

Will post more photos for Station 2 (Tung Chung) shortly...Waheguru...Waheguru...


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Thursday, December 14, 2006
Speech by Saint Jarnail Singh Jee Khalsa

Wednesday 13th of December 2006
Original Speech translated into English from tape recordings by Bhai Ranbir Singh

-Maya is a slave to those who worship Naam (Akal Purakh). Maya (sexual desire, anger, greed, worldly attachment, ego) is a slave.
-There is one and only one way to fulfillment and that is through Naam. Without this all else is incomplete.
-Khalsa Ji, one who is without pride, without power, innocent and oppressed, finds a place in the home of the Guru.
-Khalsa Ji, the poorest people are those in whose mind [God’s] Name does not abide

The following is an extract of a speech delivered by Sant-Sipahi Shaheed Baba Jarnail Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindrawale before a Sikh congregation at Sri Amritsar Sahib, Punjab on December 31, 1983.

Guru’s Image, Guru Khalsa, Assembly of Akal Purakh’s worshippers constituted and blest by Satguru- Supporter of the Humble, the True King; the entire congregation, say aloud:

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh.

[The first part of this speech is not available]

WORLDLY PEOPLE ARE BUSY IN PURSUIT OF MAYA (Sexual Desire, Anger, Greed, Worldly Attachment, Ego)

Dayalpuri Ji read a poem (which conveyed the idea) that Maya, money, is everything. As suited the occasion, he presented his views about the worldly people- that worldly people think like that. In his poem he expressed these thoughts keeping in mind the role of politicians as well. If we chase Maya, Khalsa Ji, (we shall eventually find that) Maya is a shadow. Guru Sahib’s words are:

Gur Kar Pakree Na Ayee Hath. Preet Karee Chalee Nahee Sath. Kahu Nanak Jao Thiag Dhaee. Tab Charnee Aye Paee.
‘When one tries to hold it (Maya) firmly, one cannot keep it in hand. If one loves it, it does not go with him. O Nanak say, when one gives it up, it falls at his feet.’

A man goes walking. His shadow accompanies him. If the man turns toward the shadow and wishes to catch it, he will get tired and fall but will never be able to catch his shadow.

Maya is a Shadow of Akal Purakh [God’s] Name

Maya is a shadow. Akal Purakh [God’s] Name is a form. Maya, the shadow, follows the form which is [God’s] Name. Satguru Ji has said the words:

Ridh Sidh Naam Kee Dasee.
‘Miraculous powers, worldly possessions, are subservient to [God’s] Name.’

Dasee is a word which refers to a servant/slave. Some of you rich people have them in your homes. Maya is a slave to those who worship Naam (God). Maya (sexual desire, anger, greed, worldly attachment, ego) is a slave.

Jis Naam Ridhay Soee Vad Raajaa. Jis Naam Ridhay Tis Poorae Kaja.
‘One who has [God’s] Name in mind is the greatest of kings. One who has [God’s] Name in mind is fulfilled.’

Kar Kar Thakae Vadae Vadaerae. Kin Hee Na Keeae Kaj Maya Pooray.
‘In the past, people tried until they were tired; no one was able to fulfill the business of Maya (fulfill their desires).’

We heard here that people with money get married while the poor stay unmarried. With Maya, one is never fulfilled. There is one and only one way to fulfillment and that is through Naam. Without this all else is incomplete. Those of you who are readers of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, and especially those who present discourses and listen to them and understand the fundamentals, would certainly know that if you read the entire Gurbani in Guru Granth Sahib Ji, only one Raja (Ruler) has found a place there. Why did anybody else not get a place? And the Raja who did find a place is one who considered Maya [his wealth] to belong to God. Any Raja who thought it was his own did not find a place there. Read the entire history; read all of Siri Guru Granth Sahib Ji;

Read more



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Monday, December 11, 2006
Dhan Dhan Sri Harmandir Sahib Jee

Interesting article found in AM730 chinese newspaper!. Promoting different cultures in India and the author picked Dhan Dhan Sri Harmandir Sahib Jee.

This black and White is in high resolution but it's in chinese...:).

Source: extracted from:
Dated: 8/8/2006m pg:23-24


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Saturday, December 09, 2006
Guru Sikh from USA
I found following photos when a charidakala singh stopby HKSAR during his trip, so we had the opportunity to do sadhsangat together..:).

Bhai SaribKhalsa Singh Jee and other singhs..

Raja Singh from India

Request Satguru to bless us sangat with more Charidakala Guru Sikhs/Saints forever...Waheguru...Waheguru...


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Saturday, December 02, 2006
Gatka_Baba Bidi Chand_Part 1
Charidkala Gatka Singh was in Town and I had the opporunity to take following photos. Gatka is a great art!...Sometimes i think if suddenly somebody attack us and we don't know how to use our kirpan, then you can imagine! I feel every Gursikh should learn Gatka (at least the basic...:).

Will post more photos shortly. Waheguru...Waheguru...


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