Saturday, July 15, 2006
Shaheed Singhs

Would like to share some inspiring experiences about Shaheed Singhs which i found in Bhai Lakhvir Singh Khalsa Web Site.

"They have been entrusted to Panthic Seva even when they are already in the next world. It is believed that these Shaheed Singhs come to the protection of GurSikhs. Gurudwaras and also to continue to pay respect wherever the Word of the Guru’s Bani is recited in complete devotion.Though they are at rest with the Akaal Purakh, they are still sent forth by the Guru to continue the work of the Guru and sent forth into the physical world in accordance with the Guru’s instructions. The following accounts are published to build faith in the Gurus so that we may not waver in our trust in Him.

Shaheed Singhs are basically Pure Spirits, all of us are born with them, and they are with us at all times whenever we most need help. When we are born we start clinging to Maya and get polluted with it, to forget why we came here, we loose our great Essence of Purity we once had when we came onto this Earth. Shaheed Singhs help and guide you on the path of Sikhi, but if one does not make that effort to lead the life of a Gursikh, Shaheed Singhs will never come to their help. We only need to realise this and make a start on the path for them to help us."

Guarding Gurudwaras
"There is an army of Shaheed Singhs that have been ordered by Guru Sahib to constantly protect Gurdwaras and Gursikhs. They are the special forces of Guru Sahib and completely one with him. They are very powerful and even greater than the Hindu gods who do not have as much power. The Shaheed Singhs dress in old Khalsa bana, either blue or sometimes white, and also carry many shastars. Although they usually go about in secret and cannot be seen, at times they make themselves visible. These Shaheed Singhs have been seen during the 1947 Partition, guarding Gurdwaras and at other times have helped Singhs protect Guru Granth Sahib Ji. "


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